3 November 2011

i feel pain in my heart :/ really.

i guess i feel like i want to cry huaawaa~ i need shoulder , i need friend to share my big problems that never
sigh listening to me.I WANT..

'' it's good to be love or to love?''
okay this is a question from me,i don't know what the answer too,i think it have no different between those question.you know i have one love(haha buiifriend) and i need him to take care of me,to make me smile,to cheer me and to make me everything.

but then,i'm on my heartbreak now. he have no worry about me,like you know the word 'i love you' and 'i miss you' that he always said to me is not really mean at all. i know we can say anything whatever we want but word have their own meaning. said, i used that word is not just for fun. i really meant with it. i do !

more reasons that he gave to me,to ensure i believe on him. yeah i am, but why must he give the same reason and used that to me ? i don't need a reason. i want the truth. truth,truth,truth.