14 April 2011

A very good friday reader , how do ya feel with your friday,friday ?

and yep , i got puzzle on my head with this Geography lesson on my friday morning.
I begin to google for the answer a.k.a i felt lazy think too much for the answer, so why not find the easy way :) although I know i got into wrong way since that I will sit for my JUNE next two month. MY OH MY.

And this book, i'm so much addicted reading it.

MATILDA -written by Rold Dalh . <--- the best book writer among the other i had read :p

A story about a cute girl name Maltida , she love to read books and brilliance kid in her school. 5 years old kid . then, i've read half of this book , eem probably half ! yeah ! and it's awesome and pretaaaay !

i want wacth for her movie this instantly .