24 May 2011

shaking day =.=

JB = purple . <--- you know that i have said this to my friend tadi , and she said that '' not just purple equal to JB

'' yess ! not that SO 'JB is purple' then ' purple is JB' that's not so true. it's like everybody saying '' apapulaaang '' ..
to elaborate this JB woo woo ! i'm not gonna talk this to long, cause i don't want get any Bieber Fever !! and yesterday i watched DVD , never say never about this JB, and it show all about his life from childhood until todays. sometime, it showed that something like ' we couldn't have to give up to go through this life and believe what we have in this life ' so that JB motivate .

While , it good to be like him . with non-stop girl screaming, girl tear , girl love and he can get this from his fans . COULD IMAGINE THAT FANS SCREAMING , JUMPING , CRYING ,NUTS ,OR EVEN DIE FOR YOU !? that was really awesome !! BUT , i'M not even shouted his name just because i really into him. wasting my time o.o