22 February 2011

Today school :)

extra classes is not start again and we don't know when it start. so i'm really fucking shock with the new geography format now. and it's not like the older geography question paper. like on paper 1 we have to write an easy all the question and for paper 2 answer all the question also , no choice in this section *__0. like what hell is that 0__0. but i'm not blame at all just we don't have any condition to choice. the fact is this new format are real easy. we can score the mark from paper 1 and 2.

about friends:

since now, we had 2 classes ' 10A7 AND 10A8' . so last year classes 5A2 are combined with us 5A2 last year. like what i said in previous post, 33 students in the class.

and, Adwaa, she my new friend since this year, and so much faster i can make new friend. well yeah we got more closer from FB actually and continue it on school. we talked much and had some fun.


there is sad story for one of my classmate. malay language in this section supaya kamu kamu terharu. eseeh *__*. yes,one of my friend, boy. ia ada penyakit and inda semua orang dalam class tau pasal penyakitnya except 3 orang saja, thats me,adwaa ,afiq and him self. penyakitnya ane buleh dipandang serious, and if diliat dari raut wajah nya atu,kesian berabis. as you know ia ane dalam class selalu kana buli sha uleh his friends, well he kind of person yang sanang dibuli, so that why. and tadi he tried to join with us ( me and adwaa) . so i started ask him why he use the mask on his mouth

" kenapa kau pakai mask aa, damam ko kah"
then he said " aku ada penyakit"
so, i seriously kan tau banar banar penyakitnya atu,
" penyakit apa"
ia ada tiga penyakit actually and this is so serious, sadly aku inda tahan dangar ceritanya pulang. and he's got pertumbuhan dikepala belakangnya. like ada biji biji about 'o.5cm' katanya arah aku, then second penyakitnya ia ada barah paru-paru ,so that make him hardly to breath + selalu damam . i see that his friends would laugh to him if he told his story and no one make it seriously about him. kesianlah, and my friend afiq said,' please keep watching him'

so really me and adwaa still wonder why us ? and i don't mean that i don't like to helping people, just worry what would be happen next if ia pengsan in the class, and no one know about him. as three of us saja yang tauu.

pity him :(