20 February 2011

Went to UBD open day today. and it really interested me, while my mom asking about diploma programe for me in IM(institute medicine).

they also show some activities on UBD, such as music club and so ever ! the most awesome one babe, and some of them play the gee to perform outside the UBD building. The UBD FM also being great ! we also had UBD tour with the students there. down here the picture :)

UBD campus tour :D ( THE CORE) new hostel (apartment)

UBD student showing the place ( this is outside the canteen)
on the 5th floor of the apartment
this is inside the apartment, where all of us like so awesome !!
all of things is provided in here.
one of the room.
living room . lovely one
pantai tungku view :)
second apartment for the boy, next to the girl.
we thought that swimming pool at the centre of the apartment,but not !
from the up view. so opposite to this block, canteen where the collage student can go there,lepak2 !
it's look wonderful when at night, mcm luar ngeri :)
lobby . but they wrote as common room. tv are provided
so this is inside the common room . lawa banar !

detail : for the new apartment, $65 per WEEK, and one month about $200.actually the room dived into two,premium room and standard room, what's special is WIFI are provided at premium room,so the cost more higher than standard room ;) . then the old hostel is just $45 per MONTH. this more cheap compare with the new apartment. for breakfast,lunch and dinner, no more worry about that, cause we don't have waste the money cause kebawah duli sudah sediakn the coupon. we enjoyed the tour tadi, especially i got the official offer from the nursing. where i can target for my 'o' on june, then if i get good 'o' for my june i may join the cohort 3 . best of luck for me !!